Sunday, May 26, 2013

Eggs on toast

Outfit Details:
A Toast to Julie Dress: ModCloth
Storybook Of My Life Flats: ModCloth
Boiled Egg Charm Necklace: ASOS (out of stock)
Spoon ring: Mom's

The first time I saw the quirky print of this dress, I knew it needed to be hanging up in my closet.  Not only does it have this adorable toaster print, but it also sports polka dot trim and pockets!

I thought it was appropriate to keep the breakfast theme going.

When I took these outfit photos earlier this week, I unknowingly received a lovely bug bite from some type of black, winged bug... which resulted in my right eye becoming half-swollen shut.  I kind of looked like the monster from The Goonies (I may be exaggerating... slightly).  We were supposed to take some publicity photos on Thursday (I'm not telling what they're for yet!  Shh!), and though we ended up rescheduling due to the weather, I was really stressed out about the whole deformed eye thing.  My doctor ended up giving me a Prednisone to take over a couple of days, and that did the trick almost immediately.  It turns out I am a very vain creature.  I should have known this already, probably.  After all, I have a blog where I mostly just post photos of myself wearing cute clothes.  

But anyway, my point is that I am a little behind on outfit photos; I sometimes like to photograph a couple outfits in a day, in order to get ahead, so hopefully I can take a few today.  My other point is that I have an exciting (for me, at least) little announcement coming soon!  It has to do with a project I'll be working on that not a lot of people know about yet!  :)

Have a wonderful Sunday!
xox Sammi


  1. Sammi, sammi, sammi....seriously girl it's getting ridiculous now! we have to stop loving the same dresses....difference is you have them! hee hee! This toast dress is AMAZING!!! and that egg necklace is simply too cute!!

    Love how you love novelty prints like me!! we should have a dress party!!1 x

  2. awww so cute :) lovely dress and the necklace isn't ordinary!

    ANECIA WAS HERE- more than passion ♥
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  3. Oh, what a precious dress is this?! Gosh, how ever do you stumble across such darling pieces. :) I bet nobody else could pull off that dress like you could.I love the little egg necklace you paired with it, too!

    Oh no!! I'm glad that bug... thing... wasn't too dastardly or anything, and no need to apologize about not wanting to take outfit pictures with it--I totally understand! But it will go away with no worries at least. I don't think that makes you vain, just a little self-conscious maybe! Sometimes when my face breaks out from the heat/sweat I'll have to zoom in and zap those pimples with a paint program, haha.

    1. You are so sweet! And yes, this eye thing was beyond my iPhoto-editing capabilities... luckily, it's all cleared up now :)

  4. This dress is great! LOVE the bright yellow colour. You really have an eye for fun, unique prints! I love how you paired it with that necklace, too.
    I'm interested to find out what project you'll be working on! I'm sure it's great!


  5. Ah, I am so jealous of this dress! I've been love with it forever. It looks fantastic on you! Seriously, again, you have the best dress collection.

  6. What a cute pattern on the dress! And I love that spoon ring! I've always wanted a ring like that.

  7. So beautiful. I love the dress and the cute necklace <3




  8. oh my gosh, i love this dress, this print and colour ! it suits you so so so well <3 aw and that necklace! so funny :)! <3

  9. Now, this is such a cute dress! You always choose them right!

  10. oh my... this dress is so cute! that black and white polka dot neckline just adds so much pop!! and it looks SO good with your dark hair! LOVE!

  11. EEE!!! SO Cute on you. not even fair how adorable you are.

    <3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails

  12. That is just adorable and I love that you wore the egg necklace with it :)

  13. Of course you have a friggin toast dress! Now I really am jealous:)

  14. I hope your bug bite is feeling better! I love the surprise polka dot pockets in this dress!


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