Sunday, March 17, 2013

A purrrrr-fectly sunny Sunday (an outfit post)

Although it was gray and snowing earlier this morning, the skies are sunny and clear now for the first time in a number of days.  The appearance of sunshine really turns my mood around these days; I'm in such a funk when there's none to be seen.  Maybe I just have a Vitamin D deficiency?  

I just realized that this outfit is kind of symbolic of the weather today.  These pictures weren't taken today, but I thought they were fitting for the burst of sunshine coming through the gray!

Outfit details:
Start Spreading the Mews Dress: ModCloth
Mustard-colored cardigan: Forever 21 (at least 3 years ago - similar here)
Skinny black belt: from another dress
Storybook Of My Life (jelly!!) flats: ModCloth
Heart necklace: ASOS (out of stock)

Pumpkin was out of frame here, but she was looking at me and making the cutest face!

Isn't the print of this dress amazing?  It's fake cat-related news articles and headlines!  Purrfect for a cat lover like myself! :)

As you may have guessed, I am obsessed with jelly shoes, and I am thrilled they are making a comeback!  These ones are quite comfortable, and I love that they look like you are just wearing bows on your feet!

She does not look pleased, but I swear she was purring!

Yeah, perhaps purring out of annoyance then.

I wore this outfit outside to run a couple of errands, and I guess I was too eager for spring, since it was FAR too cold to not wear tights (which just looks silly with jelly flats, I think)... I'll have to try again with this one when the weather is warmer.  :)

Enjoy your Sunday!
xox Sammi


  1. I completely understand what you mean about feeling in a funk when there is no sun! I get so cranky and depressed when the sun disappears for weeks.
    I LOVE your kitty newspaper print dress, such an adorable fabric, and your jelly flats are lovely. I love that your kitty is called Pumpkin, such an appropriate name :)

  2. I know what you mean! I tend to be in a bad mood when it's cold outside, but no sun does make it worse. Anyways, the cat newspaper print is adorable!

  3. What an awesome dress! Yeah, I'm totally over the gloomy weather too. I'd almost take the freezing cold as long as we get some sunshine every couple of days. It's so depressing. I saw some jelly shoes at the thrift store and considered buying them but thought maybe I was going crazy, I should have picked them make them look so cute!

  4. I was eyeing that dress when I saw it on Modcloth! It's so cute! I love cats too, and I loved how cute it was that it was all fake news about cats. Pumpkin is such a cute name, by the way!

  5. oh wow, what a nice post!!
    great blog, enjoy reading it. :>
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  6. cute dress hun! your shiny hair never fails to impress me too! he eh x

  7. you are sooo cute! And I love the dress :)

    New post on my blog:

  8. That dress is adorable! I love that you teamed with with a yellow cardi too, such a cute outfit

  9. I love the dress. What a wonderful print and your hair is so perfect and shiny.

  10. Are you kidding me, lady!? I adore this outfit. So happy I found your blog through Epic Thread :) I have been looking for a yellow cardigan for a long time now. Love the look on you. Happy to be your newest follower!

    The Nautical Owl

  11. That dress is amazing! I've just forwarded the link to my kitty-loving friend.

    Love how you paired the black and white with a pop of yellow.

  12. Your dress and kitty are adorable :)

    xo, alison*elle

  13. This dress is so very cute on you! I love the print and your jelly shoes are awesome. I miss wearing jellies!



    Southern (California) Belle

  14. love your cute bangs/style/blog! and your cat is adorable :)

  15. I like your dress, very original!! Loved your blog!! We are now following you ;)

    If you like follow us back at

  16. Of course the dress in MODCLOTH anything that cool and interesting has to be Modcloth! would be cool if we could follow one another

  17. Whoa, that newspaper print is just so cool! I'm quite envious actually - as an English major, I would love to own this print in some form of clothing! ^^

    Trendy Teal

  18. This is seriously the cutest dress! And I love that yellow cardigan, it's so perfect to brighten up your day... especially if you're like me, and woke up to snow!

  19. Pumpkin's expression in the last two photos is killing me! My cat is always so happy looking, and as soon as I aim a camera at him, he starts competing with Grumpy Cat. Haha.

    And I just followed you back on Bloglovin! :)

  20. Oh my goodness that Mew dress is so cute!!!! Wow it's really adorable! =) Love the newsprint and especially love all the kitty headlines! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  21. Pumpkin is so adorable! And so is the dress. I love kitties, too!!
    I also really like that colourful piece of furniture that's in most of the pictures. Where did you find that?


    1. Bristol - I got it at Pier 1, and I have seen similar pieces at Target, too!

  22. Okay, thanks! I'll have to keep my eye out! I love Target, I'm always there ha. And there's a Pier 1 right by my job.


  23. you have always so interesting dress (:


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