Wednesday, July 13, 2016


bernie dexter geisha dress

Unique novelty prints tend to be among my most sought-after "unicorns." Although there are quite a few true vintage pieces that fall under this category, there are a few retro reproduction items that I'm always on the lookout for – and this Bernie Dexter dress was, until recently, one of them. This print of Japanese geishas is so lovely and different; although I know prints like this have been known to cause a bit of controversy in the past, I think this one is a beautiful representation of these talented ladies. With everything that's going on in the world right now, cultural appropriation – especially in popular fashion – is of keen interest to me. I recently watched The First Monday in May (which is an excellent film, if you haven't seen it), and I think it poses a lot of really great questions about Western fashion being influenced by Eastern culture.

japanese geisha print
bernie dexter rockabilly dress
bernie dexter geisha
bernie dexter chelsea dress
bernie dexter dress
Outfit Details
Chelsea Dress in Geisha Print: Bernie Dexter
Shoes: B.A.I.T. Footwear (similar)
Hair flower: similar

hair flower

In other news, my first week at work has been a bit of an adjustment thus far, but it's going pretty well. There's definitely a lot to learn! I'm trying to maintain an open mind and a positive attitude. I'll be moving into my new apartment on Saturday(!), though my electricity won't be on until next week, so I probably won't be there full-time until sometime after that. I'm definitely going to do an apartment series here on the blog, and I can't wait to show you pictures! There's a lot to do before move-in weekend, so this might be my last post until Monday. You can always follow me along on Instagram to see what I'm up to! PLUS... I've added some new items to my Shop My Closet store! Be sure to check that out here.  :)

Have a great day!


  1. Love, love, love the dress. The cut, the fabric, everything. And you look amazing in it. Love your photos and your blog. Cheers, Michele

  2. Hi Sammi, I just discovered your blog through Kate's Scathingly Brilliant blog. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous! Look forward to reading your future posts. :) Jess.

  3. The Chelsea is utter perfection on you! So glad you found this one. Did you find that this runs big compared to the Paris/Kelly?

  4. How exciting - on all counts! (Save for the lack of electricity right off the bat, that is). Many happy congratulations on finding a total unicorn of a dress. It looks sooo awesome on you!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  5. Just gorgeous. You are rocking that dress! x


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