Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Favorites #24

It felt kind of strange to skip Friday Favorites last week, so I'm glad to be getting back to it!

a // b // c // d // e // f

I'm fairly certain my philosophy might be that I want to be surrounded by pretty things.  I especially love that pink phone (with the daisy in the center!), and the green scalloped containers below:

g // h // i // j

I would also like to live in the following two photos:

I'm swooning over this short pastel crinoline from Bodyline!

And I love the details on this peach top!

Both of these floral dresses are just lovely.  I'm especially partial to the first one (which I initially saw on The Terrier and Lobster) -- the design is inspired by flower seed packets!

via Ted Baker
via Oasis
And this flower bouquet necklace from Millie 'n Mae is darling!

I adore the whimsical print on this dress!  I thought they were hot air balloons at first, but they're actually flying ships.  I also love the neckline and the ribbon detail.

I love this merry-go-round backpack!  Anything carousel-related will always be on my wish list.

This cameo bicycle bell is so unique and beautiful!  I haven't ridden my bike at ALL this summer... I hope that there's still time.

Summer's kind of on its last legs here (sob), so the rational part of me is looking ahead to items for fall that I love...

Like this lollipop print dress from Poppy London (available at ModCloth)...

And this darling, mustard-colored sweater:

I would really love a pair of high-waisted red jeans, like these:

I'm in loooove with this hunter green, vintage-inspired hat!

This dress is absolutely precious, and would look great with tights underneath!

Ummmm yes please.
via Truffle Shuffle
The print on this dress is phenomenal, and the silhouette is universally-flattering.  I want.
For any other Breaking Bad fans out there... I thought these two pieces would be the perfect match:

1 // 2

And I nearly died when I saw that this Breaking Bad lego set existed:

Finally, I shall leave you with this awww-inducing video of a cat and baby who are snuggle buddies:

Have a great Friday!
xox Sammi


  1. Ermagerd, LEGOS! aha, I've never seen Breaking Bad, but I owned my fair share of legos... specifically the Harry Potter and Star Wars ones. Yep! Legos pals for life, you and I are, Miss Sammi. :D

    That navy sailor dress with the red lined bow... oh man, that is WAY cute! *___*

  2. Oh sooooo many darling dresses with gorgeous prints. My favorite thing ever might be the mural on ceiling. How very Renaissance of them. Wouldn't you feel decadent in the very best way waking up to see that every morning at breakfast?

  3. Haha, my sister loves the My Little Pony shirt!

  4. Oh man so many cute things! I love that kitchen with the painted ceiling so so much. Those high-waisted red jeans are perfect too.

  5. Oh my god, those dresses you've picked out! I blame you for the slow demise of my bank funds! Great post :) xx


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