Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Favorites #23

I think I give up on clever titles for Friday Favorites.  We had a good run.  Here are some little lovelies from this week:

Hello, gorgeous!  How stunning is this vintage floral dress?!  It's too small for me (and I certainly can't afford it), so this is one of those perfect frocks that I'll have to admire from afar.

This blouse is so romantic and lovely:
And this is one of the prettiest crinolines I've ever seen!

Charlotte Olympia can do no wrong in my eyes.  Here's a sneak peek at her 2014 resort collection:

(Images via The Terrier and Lobster and WDW)

I think those ice cream cone shoes and telephone cord purse would look brilliant with this dreamy pink dress from ModCloth, don't you?  This is simply too pretty for words.

I adore this sewing pattern overnight bag!  I have the matching makeup bag and love it (though I use it for knick-knacks like safety pins and fashion tape, because I have way too much makeup to fit inside).

Aren't these cloud earrings darling?

Mint and lavender are my two favorite colors of all time, and this little lavender striped dress is so summery (even though the weather around here is decidedly not).  Want!

I am not normally a lover of wedges, but these particular ones need to find their way into my closet.

I have no idea where I would wear this beautiful, fluffy dress, but I'm sure I could find some excuse.  I'd throw a party just so that I could wear it!
This little ladybug-inspired top is the cutest!  It'd look great with high-waisted jeans.
I really enjoy this cartoon-print dress.  It reminds me of Dick and Jane-era drawings.  (It's might be ripped off from something, but I'm not sure what.)  

Speaking of cartoons... Nick Bertke (also known as Pogo) is a music producer, remix artist and filmmaker, and I've loved his work for quite some time.  He does incredible remixes using sounds from movies (and he uses ONLY sounds from the movies he chooses -- in other words, he doesn't supplement with any other material; he painstakingly isolates each sound to create all of the layers), and from other source material as well.  His new remix of Mary Poppins (called "What I Likes") went viral this week, and it's fantastic.  I've posted that one, along with a few of my other favorites, below:

("What I Likes" - Mary Poppins)

("Bangarang" - Hook)

("Bloom" - various Disney movies)

("Whisperlude" - A Little Princess)

("Mary's Magic" - The Secret Garden)

These movies basically epitomize my childhood.  So does this Buzzfeed article with a boatload of super-90s toys.  Cue the nostalgia.

This dress is so delicate and fairylike.  I want it.  My friend Rebecca from The Cinnamon Slipper wore this dress recently on her blog, and the pictures are gorgeous.  I told you I was obsessed with lavender!

I adore this city print blouse and matching skirt!!

Breaking Bad returns SO SOON!  I am beside myself with excitement.  And this brooch is everything.

Sometimes I think ModCloth can read my mind, especially when it comes to German brand Blutsgeschweister.  I pinned this coat from their website the other day (which only ships to Germany, sad face), and then it showed up at ModCloth a couple of days later!
Did you know that H&M fiiiiinally has online shopping in the US now??  This is especially exciting for me, since we no longer have an H&M around here.

Finally, I leave you with this amazing video of baby fruit bats.  Stellaluna sold me on the cuteness of fruit bats, but even I was not prepared for the adorableness that would ensue during this video.

Have a wonderful Friday!
xox Sammi

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  1. The cartoon print is Norman Rockwell... You can just make out the signature, or at least partials of it, if you examine closely. :)

    1. ...I totally should have known that. I feel silly.

  2. OMG I didn't know about H&M. FINALLY!!!!! lol. This is such a cute collection of stuff! I'm also totally stoked for Breaking Bad. I hate how AMC shows always make us wait over a year for their shows to return!!!

    Life of Mabel

  3. I LOVE bats!! :-) and that first dress is AMAZING. so is the ladybug top...You have such fun taste!


  4. Those Pogo videos! Gee thanks, now I can't stop watching them....

  5. I love your taste, everything is so cute and feminine! It's always a pleasure to browse your blog!
    Have a nice week end honey.
    (¯`·._.·Nymphashion FB·._.·´¯)

  6. omg that floral vintage dress is just stunning!!
    great post!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  7. That middle section on the vintage dress reminds me of an obi belt, almost. And helloooo H&M online, my new happy place. Even though I won't buy anything, I can still drool over everything, right?


  8. Oh gosh, I love those pogo disney remixes! I've heard the Alice one before but I never knew there were more... holy crud, thanks for showing me them! They sound so neat and fantastical.

    Also, cloud earrings! How precious are thooose!

  9. PS) I have been a lazy commenter lady this week and for that I apologize. ALI'S BACK ON TRACK NOW (determined face)

  10. Okay, so I would totally trust you to do a closet overhaul and I know I'd be happy with everything you picked out. You have such a great eye for cute clothes!



    Southern (California) Belle

  11. Love all of the gorgeous dresses you found!

    Xo, Hannah

  12. I love the Secret Garden movie! One of my childhood favorites. Glad I found your blog. <3


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