Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Favorites #18: Life is but a dream

This week's Friday Favorites are centered around items that make me want to sit on a riverbank and daydream away the hours.  Or wear to a fairy garden tea party.  They are mostly whimsical and romantic, with a little vintage quirkiness thrown in.  Really though, what did you expect from me?  :)

Whimsical loungewear brand she and reverie just debuted their lookbook for their fall collection, Stars from her Fingertips.  It's the absolute epitome of "dreamy," as it's inspired by stories like the Twelve Dancing Princesses, Briar Rose and The Swan Princess.  Here are a few of my favorite pieces from this new collection (you can see the full lookbook here): 

Scallop Bralette in Primrose, Medallion Spine Dress
Scallop Bralette in Primrose, Rococo Scenic Print Skirt
Briar Rose Gown in 2:30 AM Blue
(All images via she and reverie's Facebook page)
No Friday Favorites post would be complete without a slew of delicate, dreamy dresses!

via ASOS

By Ted Baker, via ASOS

via ModCloth

via ASOS

via ASOS

via Romwe

(isn't this floral print just perfect?!)

via Choies
via Choies

Guys... this mint dress has embroidered unicorns on it. Holy hell. Why doesn't this come in my size?!

These next two are technically top and skirt sets, but they're just as pretty as any dress!
via Romwe

Speaking of skirts, I'm loving these two...

via ASOS

Plus, this romper from Topshop is simply darling:
My favorite accessory these days is the floral crown.  It's not for everyone (nor is it for the everyday), but it is indisputably dreamy.  These three are my favorite ones I found this week:
1 | 2 | 3 

And these floral shoes from I Love Billy are simply amazing.
I've seen a number of Juju jelly shoes before, but I love these cotton candy pink ones from Dolls Kill!
And these lace-up flats (a Rachel Antonoff/Bass collaboration) are so adorable and whimsical!  I am in love with the colors, and the fact that they are stitched with yearbook signatures makes them so special!

Onto some gorgeous, dreamy accessories!  Kay from Ruby Robin Boutique makes incredibly delicate and beautiful jewelry and accessories.  Kaylah from The Dainty Squid recently featured an item from this shop, and I can hardly believe how lovely Kay's pieces are.

And the always-lovely Christine at Flapper Girl just launched some new summery lady ties in her shop!

a | b | c | d

What I wouldn't give for this carousel horse purse!!!  Gah!

And oh my goodness, these ice cream cone earrings by Ted Baker are wonderful!
via ASOS

I'm a little bicycle-crazy lately (my dad just put together my new mint and cream bicycle and I cannot WAIT to use it!), and these adorable bicycle-related things caught my eye:

(I like the rustic-ness of this one)

(I think this one's my favorite!)

(But how cute is THIS?!  It attaches directly to the bike!)

This.  Is a flower vase.  For your bike.  I want it.

In addition, Solé Bicycles are on sale on for a couple more days!  They have some adorable bikes, and the prices are much lower on Fab.  Here are a few I really like:

This is great:

In other news, I finally got caught up on the episodes of Family Tree that I'd been missing.  If you're a fan of Christopher Guest (and you should be), you need to watch this show.  As a die-hard Guest fan, I appreciated this article on Buzzfeed on the 18 Actors You See In Every Christopher Guest Movie.  This is not a particularly dreamy thing, but I think Christopher Guest dreams up some of the best and funniest concepts around in movies.  So there.  I kind of tied it in!

That's it for this week!  Have a fantastic Friday!

xox Sammi


  1. TGIF.
    Also: I love all the scenic-printed skirts here! Waaaaant...
    And that carosel horse purse? I can't believe anything that adorable even exists!!


  2. Very nice inspiration. Have a great weekend.

  3. That pink SheInside dress has been on my wishlist for awhile. I wish I knew what it would look like on me 'cause it's gorgeous!

  4. Amazing colours!!!!

    I also want to let you know I have a giveaway on my blog.
    Please feel free to enter.

    Cheers, Jacquie

  5. Another amazing selection and the exact Ted Baker dress I have tried on and it's amazing....- oh god I have a proper cringe story to tell you about that one!!) It's bad...

    I went into Ted Baker out of curiosity. The only thing I own from there is a wallet, and I got that off ebay! haha well anyways.

    I Saw that dress and fell in love...saw the price and thought! "Oh that's pretty reasonable. Tried it on the assistant was so helpful even got me a pair of heels to see how it looked and it really was amazing on.

    Got the the till even asked if I got discount (because I work part time in the same shopping mall) yes I did....He wrapped it but it in a dust cover etc and then he read the total to me and I HAD THE SHOCK OF MY LIFE!! the price I saw was in fact the price of the bloody belt they put on it. CRINGE CRINGE. I made some elaborate excuse to hold it as I was on my lunch break....when really I could never afford such a thing and left.

    I could of died of sheer embarrassment! Kinda did and haven't gone back in ever since.

    not cool! haha x

    1. Oh my gosh, that is absolutely horrifying!! I love Ted Baker but the prices are outrageous! I'm sure you handled it well, though. Gahhhh. I'd never be able to go in again either (plus it'd just be torture, seeing as I could never afford a thing)!


  6. Okay, so some of those tulle dresses are amazing... and I love that Ted Baker dress in ASOS, dear gosh. I stuck like four of these dresses in my "wants" tab, hahaha. It's pretty much multiplied since I started following your blog, Sammi!! ;)

  7. ahhhh so many pretty dresses!! Oh... and what's with Peter Pan getting fired?? Pffft. My faith in Disneyland has been shattered.. :)

  8. Such adorable choices! All of those dresses would look amazing on you. :)


  9. oh wow, you just made me want everything here! i am in love with that white and blue picnic basket, because i believe i have a dress that would match it so well! haha.

    lindsey louise

  10. Wow, you seriously have the best picks Sammi! I'm absolutely in love with that mint ASOS dress. And that Romwe lilac set. Now I want to go shopping lol!



    Southern (California) Belle

  11. Suuuuper cute ice cream cone earrings! I wish I could wear actual earrings sometimes

    xo Ashley


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