Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Favorites #16: Perfectly Pretty

Aside from kitschy prints, one of the main things I look for are pieces that are just pretty.  This week's Friday Favorites has a lot of items with delicate details, or are things that would make me feel especially graceful or pretty while wearing them.  There are a few cuckoo items in here though, too (since my weekly list wouldn't really be complete without them)!

First up are some summery blouses with lovely little details:
a | b | c

Love this skirt!  Too bad mustard is such a tricky color for me!

I'm seriously lusting after this dress:

This blue dress is so dreamy, don't you think?  I love the scalloped bodice!
And speaking of scallops, these scalloped black shorts are perfect.

This TopShop swimsuit is just plain lovely!

I love all three of these flora-inspired (though one is a fruit) dresses!  The first is definitely a knock off of an alice + olivia dress (which was in turn supposedly inspired by a dress by Vena Cava, but really, I think fashion is so cyclical in nature that so much of it is riffing off other ideas, rather than completely new invention... but I digress).

d | e | f

And this yellow dress (with little chrysanthemums!) from Trashy Diva is so serene:

This little daisy jewelry stand is super sweet!

This rose racerback tank is so soft and lovely:

And these are three of the prettiest floral dresses I've seen in a long time:

1 | 2 | 3 

I love the construction of this pink dress:
And I adore these kitschy pink pieces from Wildfox!

I'm generally not a fan of dresses that have patches on the bust, but these two dresses are just SO adorable that I don't mind it (though I probably wouldn't be able to wear them myself):

And speaking of adorable animals... you must see pictures of this orphaned wallaby baby!

Switching gears... I'm seriously in love with these two dresses from Bonne Chance Collections!  I'm bummed that both of these are sold out in my size, but I hope they get more soon!  I especially love the first one, with the drawings of all the outfits on it!  Their little website is so adorable, and they are offering 10% plus free worldwide shipping (and super fast, at that!) when you use the code BCC10 at check out!

This pool-themed swimsuit is so so cute.  I love the little giraffe pool float!

Ah, I absolutely love this nautical-inspired dress from Lalamagic!  If you want to check out their adorable boutique website, their ad is on my sidebar over there! -->

I've worn my kissing boy and girl necklace several times already on my blog.  If you were interested in getting one, and were discouraged by the fact that it's no longer available on ASOS, good news!  Similar versions are available at Urban Outfitters and Forever 21!  Hooray!

I really have thing for bistro chairs, and these ones from Urban Outfitters strike my fancy.  And look at the little scalloped table!  Ah!

This is not pretty-related... but very important... The Magic School Bus and The Babysitters Club are now streaming on Netflix.  Nostalgic childhood loveliness!  Miss Frizzle and Claudia from BCB ended up being two of my favorite style icons, I think!

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Have a fantastic Friday!
xox Sammi


  1. Okay so that Trashy Diva dress has gone right up on my list of things I NEED!!!

    1. I just realized how "you" that dress is!! You'd look amazing in it!

  2. Aw I totally want one of those kissy necklaces :) Too cute! I love pretty much everything you picked but I'm seriously lusting after that first dress!! So gorgeous. And wallaby babies are SO dang cute! I watched some show on the discovery channel about Australian animals and fell in love with wallabys and Tasmanian devils! They're adorable.

  3. Those mustard shorts.. amazing! Alex

  4. Oh my gosh, can I have everything?! Seriously, you picked the cutest things. I am obsessed with that dress from It's Okay My Dear with the cat patches!

  5. Very nice dresses. Great day.

  6. I'm loving all of those scalloped pieces! So adorable and perfect for summer.


    P.S. I'm having a giveaway on my blog!

  7. You've introduced me to so many cute new websites for browsing through, eeee! I just adore that pretty sunflower off the shoulder dress, wowow, it's so vibrant and pretty *__*

  8. Gosh I always love these lists--and I can never pick a favorite! Although I do like the Trashy Diva yellow dress and the 2nd floral dress.

  9. aww so beautiful. really can't choose

  10. Whoa, you've just made my day with such textile gems. These clothes are beyond pretty.

  11. Your taste is so sweet and dainty, I love it! Definitely ordering the Topshop swimsuit!

    Xo, Hannah


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