Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Favorites #15: Festivals and Faires

Rochester is a city that loves a good festival.  I think maybe this stems from us wanting to take full advantage of the time we have where snow doesn't make an appearance.  I mentioned that we have an annual lilac festival here (which happens to be my favorite flower!), but we have countless other festivals around here, the most famous of which is probably the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival (which is coming up in a couple of weeks).  I've been in a very festival-y frame of mind lately, mostly because I have the Rochester Fringe Festival on the brain these days!  This has something to do with that little announcement I mentioned a week or so ago... so stay tuned for that!  

All this talk of festivals and the like makes me think of fairs and carnivals and circuses, and because those things are always so nostalgic (and goodness knows I love nostalgia), these types of festivities are the subject for this week's Friday Favorites!

I'm starting off with a couple of pieces from Poppy, a British-based girls' and women's clothing company.  I've featured them before, but I felt it was worth re-mentioning.  Their prints are so darling!

I also love the festive print on this dress from ModCloth (coming soon):

This red balloon necklace would be so cute with it!

The Cherry Licorice Dress from Hello Holiday would be lovely with it, too (and who doesn't love a dress named after candy??)

In fact, I love anything that's food-related, which is why these caught my eye:

(Candy apples, anyone?)

(Cotton Candy, Candied Apple, Kettle Corn)

If the previous choices didn't give you a hint, I'm a sucker for anything circus-inspired!

(no longer available, sadly)

(These remind me of clown shoes - in the best possible way)

(This reminds me of a tightrope walker)

This petticoat reminds me of a can-can dancer, which are not technically circus-y, but hey.

I can't mention dancers without pointing out this gorgeous Nishe dress (now on sale at ModCloth):

And then here are the rest of the whimsical pieces that I can't leave out this week!

Roller Rink Blouse from Shabby Apple
(How could I omit something from a collection called "Ferris Wheel??")


This whole post reminds me of this song, from the animated movie of Charlotte's Web.  Anyone else?

Have a fantastic Friday!
xox Sammi


  1. So many cute thiiings! Haha, that balloon dress from Modcloth is totally you. And that carousel necklace is so so cute!

  2. AHHHH...I want the Nishe dress- Obviously! this is us!....with the ballet slippers on. The Barnum crackers dress, the Bernie Dexter dress. The Modcloth flag dress. I want it all! I can totally imagine you in all of it!! What you performing in the festival? How fun! I miss performing! It's been a while since I've sang and danced on stage. ahhh....hoping you have a great festival my lovely

    Loving today's theme!! xxx Rebecca

    1. It's not til September, but you wait and see! Will be posting things related to this soon :)

  3. Oh my cute!! I love all the circus themed dresses and those shorts! And an animal cracker print dress?! That just screams nostalgia! I love it ! I think you should totally get that balloon dress and wear it with the necklace, that would be so darling and what better person to pull it off?!

  4. The clowning around shorts would be a def. for me. I love a strong statement short! and lovely picks, m'dear. All of these would suit you. :)


  5. That Anette mini dress is so darling! xo

  6. This is THEE CUTEST wishlist compilation ever. But really...all of the circus pieces are killing me with cuteness!

  7. So many cute things in this post! I love the prints :)

    Trendy Teal


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