Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Favorites #3

As you may have guessed, I generally love a healthy dose of whimsy in my wardrobe, and in my decor as well!  Spring is almost here, and with it comes an influx of cheerful, romantic and quirky items and ideas for the new season.  Here are some of my favorites from this week:

First of all, about a trillion things from Topshop make the list.  I recently rediscovered Topshop and there are just so many cute and unique pieces featured on their site, with new ones arriving almost constantly.  Not all of these are especially whimsical, but I love that a lot of the items on the site have a certain amount of kitsch and/or nostalgia.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 

I love looking at these, though I feel like I wouldn't be able to wear a couple of them myself and would just appreciate them on braver souls (i.e., the hot dog swimsuit and the comic book skirt) -- though I do own those Peter Pan/Captain Hook comic strip undies!  But I love that these are conversation pieces (well, maybe not the undies, though they could be in certain situations)!

I'm a huge fan of B.A.I.T. footwear, and their spring line just arrived on their website!  I'm eyeing these two pairs especially.  Aren't they just dreamy?
Emma t-strap shoes in white

Ione spectator heel in rose pink

When you think of whimsy and kitsch, no designer fits the bill more than Betsey Johnson.  I am especially taken with her cotton candy (also known as fairy floss, which I love) themed jewelry(!!!)-- 

Fairies are one of my favorite mythical creatures (and are the epitome of whimsy!), so of course I love this bag from OASAP.  How beautiful and springy can you get??:

Don't you think a fairy might wear a crown like this (or anything else from BHDLN, for that matter)?

I also feel like these are the kind of thing that fairies would have in their drinks (via The Blushing Blogger).  So springy and pretty!

Springy and kitschy are perfect descriptors for these shoes that arrived at ModCloth yesterday.  They're so adorable and I absolutely love them, though I know they can't be everyone's cup of tea:

And speaking of "cup of tea," I'm dying to have one from this teapot from Wilde Asher!  So dapper!

While we're on the subject of yummy beverages, since it's nearly St. Patrick's Day, the ever-popular Shamrock Shake is available (I had one last month... blissfully unaware of its 500+ calorie content).  Mint ice cream is, of course, a favorite of mine, and when I stumbled across this recipe for homemade Shamrock Shakes, I knew I had to post it.  I can't imagine it contains less calories than the McDonalds version (it may contain more, actually), but at least you can make them year-round.  I've seen low fat alternatives and they contain avocado... which makes sense, but I'm not sure I'm quite that adventurous.

If you're looking for an ice cream treat with definitively-less guilt, look no further than Skinny Cow!  I've loved their ice cream treats for years, but I just came across some limited edition flavors that sound scrumptious (including a mint variety):

This one might actually be the most intriguing.  These snickerdoodle ice cream sandwiches feature low fat cinnamon flavored ice cream between two oatmeal cookie wafers!  Yummy!

I was able to try this variety the other night, when I found it at the store.  These are pink velvet (!) ice cream bars with cream cheese flavored frosting.  Although they aren't like red velvet, they were still delicious and definitely satisfied my sweet tooth (which is no easy task).

My cat always wants to lick the popsicle stick (obviously, I only let her if it's not anything that would hurt her) whenever anyone has a frozen treat, which brings me to this adorable little dress from Bonne Chance Collections.  I stumbled across their site the other day and ordered a dress; unfortunately, it didn't end up fitting, but they were so incredibly accommodating and lovely about it that I am eager to purchase another item from them.  If only this dress were still available in my size!
Although I don't have the physique to pull this off, I absolutely love this Diner Crop Top from Urban Outfitters!  I love anything retro-inspired, though I wish it were in a more forgiving design.

While we're on the subject of dining, how cute are these fruit measuring cups from Urban?!

And finally, how incredible is this carousel clock from Anthropologie?  The horse figurines spin as time passes, according to the description.  This is a truly whimsical work of art -- and a functional one!

A couple of other little things....
 There is still time to "love" my looks in the ModCloth Style Gallery Love Your Look Contest!  Entries have until 3/18 to gather "loves."  My two favorite entries are here and here.  Just click the heart in the corner!

I also just heard that Google has plans to get rid of Google Reader AND Google Friend Connect in July!!!  Because of this, a lot of people are switching over to bloglovin' to follow blogs.  You will notice that I now have a button on the right side of my main page to follow my blog via bloglovin'.  I would love it if you'd consider doing this (it's a very quick sign-up process if you don't have one) if you want to subscribe to my posts, since in a few months, GFC will be no more, it seems.

It was absolutely frigid here yesterday and it looks like it may snow today.  Sadly, this seems like the norm for spring in Rochester; a tease of spring for one day, then snow and freezing temperatures... back and forth, until you wake up and realize it's summer.  Any way it comes, I just want warmth and flowers and sunshine!

Have a beautiful Friday!

xox Sammi


  1. Amazing post, especially love the measuring cups and the Topshop shoes :)

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  2. AHHHHH I JUST WANT EVERYTHING IN THE POST!! excuse the capitals...I just am in love with the shoes, the cotton candy necklace, bowls.....such a lovely things!! eeee!! xxx

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  4. Omg!! The bunny wedges are too adorable x

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  8. Love these items! They are all so adorable~great pictures as well sweetie!


  9. love these items so much, they all are just too cute! X

  10. Great selection!!!
    Nice blog!!!
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  11. cute stuff! love that skirt, that is seriously cool!
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  14. I love the color and style of that top dress!

  15. cute items, my favorite is the clutch <3


  16. Ah! I love all these picks - the fringe piece is super cute! x, kat

    Love and Ace

  17. I feel so positive about you

  18. I love the fringe shorts! Those are so fun. I would totally wear them.

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