Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Favorites #1

I know a lot of bloggers dedicate Friday posts to items that catch their eye or that they're fawning over... and I have a lot of items I'm swooning over this week!  Here is a sampling of new items I adore:

One of my favorite designers, Nishe, is launching some new amazing pieces lately!  This cupcake themed outfit (bustier and skirt) is simply stunning.  The birthday bow belt is such a great detail, too (close-up below) --

Here's another Nishe cupcake dress, in a lovely lilac ginham:


Nishe specializes in beautiful, quirky embroidery.  Here's another one of my favorites (which I couldn't resist, and is currently hanging in my closet):

Obviously, I'm a big fan of novelty prints, and this dress, by Sugarhill Boutique fits the bill.  The adorable milkshake print, the beautiful mint green color, the shape of the dress... absolute perfection.  The dress is available at ASOS (now part of their 20% off sale!) and it also arrived at ModCloth today!

In fact, ASOS has a ton of great pieces right now in their "20% Off a Whole New Look" sale.  I love ASOS because they carry a lot of UK and European-based brands that are hard to find in the US, and they offer free shipping with no minimum, which is pretty rare.

Can someone who wears a size XS (read: not me, sadly) please purchase this INCREDIBLE vintage Lady & the Tramp skirt so that I can live vicariously through you??

Good gracious, I love spectator pumps!  At a size 8, these are too small for me, but they're available here.  Only $18!

One of my favorite bloggers (who also designed my lovely blog layout) is also the gal behind Etsy shops sweet and lovely and flapper doodle.  There are a bunch of new items in her sweet and lovely shop.  I especially love the ice cream cone brooches and the new ladybug collar clips!

I love this couch!  It reminds me of Betsey Johnson.

This dresser is downright dreamy.
My personal style (especially for home decoration) is part whimsical, part romantic, and  part industrial.  I have a thing for wood and metal storage crates.  I adore these ones!

Finally, I love this ring from Ever Ours.  It's of a man and a woman on a bicycle.  Very romantic and sweet.

Have a lovely Friday!  xox  


  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos, From ammazing fashion ideas

  2. I literately clicked on everything on this post! the milkshake dress, the lady and the tramp dress! in love with it all!

    ahhhh!! such cuteness!!

    xxxx Rebecca from The Cinnamon Slipper

  3. Those dresses rock! I kept thinking: "they can't get any better after this" but they totally did! :P I want to wear all of them to picnics.

    Great favorites ^^

  4. Oh my gosh! I have the Siamese cats version of that Lady and the Tramp skirt, they were released as kits for women to make after the movie came out!


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