Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites #99

Happy Friday to you all! Here are some new favorite finds to kick off your weekend!

I've been a fan of Dig For Victory's incredible vintage-inspired dresses for quite some time, but this picnic print dress is currently at the top of my wish list. It's the perfect combination of classic + kitsch! Check out all of the amazing pieces for sale in their shop here.

dig for victory

I absolutely cannot take credit for finding these (that mention goes to Amanda), but I'm totally taken with the Disney-inspired brooches from Tangerine Menagerie. One of these Dapper Dans hats and the Dole Whip brooch are both sitting in my Etsy shopping cart at the moment.

tangerine menagerie brooch

I'm also obsessed with these Disney "D" brooches by Match Accessories! They offer both a classic Disneyland "D" and a more modern signature "D" in several colors. I can't choose between them, so I might have to get both. :)

This list of bizarre beauty queens from the 1950s and '60s is wonderful!

I love Aziz, and a friend reaffirmed that I need to read his book right away. His take on relationships is always one of the best parts of his live shows, so I'll definitely have to order this soon.
aziz ansari modern romance
I finally got my hands on this umbrella print dress from Pinup Girl Clothing! It's been on my wish list for months, and it finally became available this week. I can't wait to try it on!
pinup girl clothing evelyn umbrellas
Why didn't they have this mini-fridge back when I was in college?! Would it be totally crazy to get one now? ;)

igloo mini fridge

This radio (which has an iPod hook-up on the inside) is the prettiest!
sunny life retro radio

I do love a good plaid dress like this one (plus, its name is a Twin Peaks pun, soooo):
modcloth campfire walk with me

This Sims-inspired pin by Rosehound Apparel is hilarious and I might need it just because.
What kind of Friday Favorites would it be without novelty bags?
novelty purse
a   ||   b   ||   c   ||   d   ||   e   ||   f

I'm not usually big on separates, but I really love this dandelion top:
modcloth top

I would really, really like these lavender ballet flats, please.
lavender flats

And this gorgeous corset looks like it was made for a ballerina!
trashy diva corset
This Buzzfeed article on Bea Arthur's 10 craziest outfits on The Golden Girls is fantastic (though I definitely think a few important ones were omitted). 

I love this matching dress + cardigan! Such a perfect summer ensemble.
1    ||    2

This article really resonated with me. I may be 26 and not 22, but I don't want someone else to be my entire world. I've realized that I need to feel whole on my own in order to move forward, and I don't want to be the type of person who depends on a relationship to make her happy. Maybe it's because I've had my heart broken, or maybe it's because I don't want to make the same mistakes again, but I am very content right now with taking this time for myself – and only myself.

salem sabrina the teenage witch

Have a great Friday!

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  1. I always love your Friday Favorites! I have got to read Aziz's book. My husband told me about it and I thought it pretty much sounded amazing and hilarious. Have a great weekend girlie!

  2. Love these roundup posts. Those hat pins are amazing but holy crap Sims pin! I recognized that bed instantly. Memories... I think I need that thing.

    Jamie |

  3. Oh my gosh, I so remember that wedding dress on The Golden Girls - I thought, and still think, that it looks like something you'd see on the 60s Star Trek.

    Fabulous post, sweet gal. Thank you for all the delightful inspiration, links, and wish list additions.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. How cute is that picnic dress! It would even go so well with those little hat brooches! <3 So cute!


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