Thursday, October 2, 2014

Advertise with The Soubrette Brunette in October!


It's been a couple of months since I've done a "call for sponsors" post, but I wanted to make sure I did one this month.  Because my birthday is at the end of October, I've planned a very big giveaway at the end of the month (yay!).  Historically, I've gotten a large response from my giveaway posts, and that means lots of interaction and attention to the ads in my sidebar.  If you were looking for a good time to advertise on my blog, now would definitely be it! 

 I currently offer 3 different sizes for ads (featured, large and small).  Featured ads get the highest visibility, but large and small ads are also in prime spots.  All of my ad prices are super-affordable (prices range from $5-$15 per month), so anyone can afford to advertise.  If you have a smaller blog and you're looking to generate some more traffic and gain some followers, any of these three ad sizes would be a great way to go about it.  I also love working with small businesses and artists!

white shoe

Purchasing an ad is incredibly easy!  You can visit my advertising page here, and then all you have to do is choose the size you'd like, click "add to cart," and then "checkout."  From there, just fill out the information, upload your ad (the size specifications are displayed for each -- if you need an ad made, send me an e-mail), and pay for your ad spot!  Your ad will go live right after I approve it, and ads run for 30 days.

You can check out all of my updated stats, find out more about sizes and rates, and even purchase your ads right here -- or you can head directly to my Passionfruit page.  Space is limited, so don't miss out!  I'd love to work with you!  :)

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