Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Favorites #46

Boy, oh boy.  This week actually went by pretty quickly, since I had only a 3-day work week! My family celebrated Passover on Monday, and we'll celebrate Easter on Sunday (though, in the interest of full disclosure, our idea of Easter is limited to candy-filled baskets -- plus, my mom and I are seeing Phantom of the Opera on Sunday night, which is more than cause for celebration!). Something I am certainly not celebrating, though, is the death of my MacBook's hard-drive. This is the fourth time I've had my Mac's hard-drive die on me (the first time with my newer laptop, though), and it's always incredibly traumatic. The saving grace is that, even though I haven't backed up to my external hard-drive in over a year, I did manage to upload upcoming blog photos to Flickr, so I don't think I lost anything on that front, but I know I lost other stuff. I couldn't get an appointment with the Genius Bar until tomorrow, so I'm using my parents' old MacBook (c. 2007) to write this. It never fails -- my computer always dies as soon as I'm about to go out of town.  By the way, I'll be out of town next week with no Internet access (and now, no computer), but the blog will be in good hands!  Stay tuned for some fun posts from dear friends! 

But, I digress. On to my favorite finds of this week!  Since Easter is nearly here, I'm in a very bunny-like mood!  Here are some of my favorite rabbit-themed items:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

In all honesty, my favorite part of Easter might just be Reese's peanut butter eggs.  I was in shock to find that Good Humor makes an ice cream version of them (a box of which are now in my freezer).  I have yet to try them, because I'm trying to be good... but it may be my Saturday night treat.

Speaking of sweet treats, I adore this cotton-candy-colored swimsuit (and '90s throwback lip balm to match)!  I like that Topshop tends to have good options for one-piece and high-waisted swimwear.
a // b

You can't mention sweet without talking about these bags from Lulu by Lulu Guinness.  I really love her designs (ASOS carries her more expensive main brand), and I think it's wonderful that JC Penney carries this more affordable brand.  Frankly, this line is sometimes way cuter than the other one!  I got a different daisy bag for my mom for her upcoming birthday (it's not a surprise, since she was there), and the Easter Bunny is apparently bringing me a different version of this ice cream bag in my basket.  :)
one // two

I'm actually not sure what I'm wearing for Easter (though I know there is no shortage of pastel prettiness from which to choose!), but I think these dresses are adorable options for Easter Sunday:
1 // 2 // 3

And while I hope it isn't cold or rainy on Sunday, either of these lovely pink jackets would brighten things up!

1 // 2

I'm not much one for shorts these days, but goodness, these pastel blue scalloped ones are beautiful.  
Though I have lots of love for the Easter Bunny, my mythological loyalty lies with unicorns and mermaids.  This series of mermaid-themed footwear is absolute perfection:
a // b // c

This mirror is so pretty and reminds me of my childhood:

Easter Bunnies aren't the only creatures I'm loving this week!  You can always count on me to find some good cat-centric pieces:
a // b

Either of these would convince me to wear sneakers way more often:

a // b

That being said, I'd probably rather have one of these pairs in my closet:
1 // 2

I would like one of these flower crowns, please.
1 // 2

Also, please feel free to make me a key lime marshmallow milkshake, while you're at it:

I have to take a moment and talk about Polka Dot Polly!  The lovely Amanda introduced me to this site yesterday, and oh my GOODNESS.  Not only do they have an extensive variety of retro-inspired silhouettes and prints -- all combined into high-quality garments -- but... YOU CAN DESIGN YOUR OWN DRESS.  You get to pick the type of bodice, skirt and fabric, plus you can add on extras (like boning, bows, ric rac trim and more) -- AND it will be custom-made with your own measurements!  They have some of the most amazing novelty prints I've seen (licorice all sorts, Care Bears, Curious George, you name it!), and they have beautiful "normal" fabric choices, too.  They're currently offering 15% off everything on their site, and this makes it all too-tempting to place an order from them.  Below are a few of my favorite pre-made designs from their shop.  How beautiful are these?!

In closing... two links I loved this week:

23 Painfully True Lessons You Learn By Age 23 (I am still learning these -- slowly, but surely)

And finally, something I know *I've* been waiting for... a new trailer for season 2 of Orange Is The New Black.  Oh my godddddd.  So good.

That's all for this week.  Cross your fingers that some part of my hard-drive info is salvageable.

Have a great weekend!
xox Sammi


  1. I looooooove Phantom of the Opera! I was obsessed with it as a kid (granted, I was a weird kid). My husband still makes fun of me for knowing all the words. :) And I'll keep my fingers crossed for your hard-drive!

  2. Ah I love all the pastels in this weeks Fridays favorites. I am so excited for Orange Is The New Black, such a great show!


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