Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Favorites #30

Well, winter is definitely approaching (at least where I am!), and with the influx of chilly weather comes a certain seasonal obsession... yes, it's true: I am crazy for coats!!!  Some girls go to pieces over purses, but I get totally jazzed for jackets.  I have a few more than I should already, but there are SO many fun ones out this year that I can't help but want to add some to my collection.  My absolute favorites so far are ones with unique colors or girly details (like bows and scalloped edges, of course!):

a // Miss Selfridge (out of stock)
b // Hello Holiday (also at ModCloth, on sale!)
c // OASAP (available in other colors)
e // SheInside
f // OASAP (available in other colors)

Oh, and if you're a fan of bow embellishments... you need to feast your eyes on these flats(!!):

Pink coats are definitely all the rage this season, and I'm fawning over this pink plaid one!

And this embellished pink beauty is a total dream (if not totally impractical):

The coat above reminds me a lot of this delicate blush dress.  It's so springy, but I kind of like the juxtaposition of springy things in winter.

This pink dress from Crush Vintage absolutely takes the cake, though.  I'm beside myself, that's how breathtaking it is.

To me, pink = party, and this little blush & black tuxedo dress would be perfect for a New Year's Eve party!  I love this ultra-girly take on a menswear-inspired piece!

I feel like I end up dressing in party attire a lot (too bad I don't have more of a buzzing social life that's filled with parties!)... These jelly heels (by Mel Shoes, swoon!) would be perfect for any holiday event!  I really want a pair of these heels -- I have a pair of Melissa wedges and they are surprisingly comfortable.  These would go so well with the dress I'm wearing for Christmas... hint hint... anyone?

I love these two coats from Asian iCandy!  Their embellishments are so gorgeous!

1) Are muffs making a comeback??!  I would be so happy if they were.  2) Muffs always make me think of both my American Girl doll (Samantha, obviously!) and The Nutcracker -- both of which are great associations, I think.  I really want this muff, though once again, it's incredibly impractical (especially in the days of smart phones and the like -- how can you text while wearing a muff?).
These leather kitty gloves are definitely a little more practical (though texting is probably still impossible -- I need to get a pair of those gloves with the finger pads on them!), and are totally cute to boot!

I am always a fan of animal embellishments, so it's no surprise I adore these little reindeer knee socks!

And these fox tights!!  Ahh!!  So cute!

Not only do I love the shape and style of this dress, but I realized that the pattern is of tiny little giraffes!

I have to be constantly bundled and swaddled, so these unicorn slippers are perfect for both my whimsical nature and my freezing cold toesies:

Speaking of mythical creatures, this fairy necklace is just so magical!
There's something magical about snow, and this Bernie Dexter dress captures that perfectly (plus, I love how this dress is totally va-va-voom without being too revealing!):

Ummm.... this is truly the queen of all coats.  Bow down to her.  She is perfection.

And just for fun, this is one of the most accurate lists I've seen in a LONG time (maybe ever).  If you are a kitty cat lover, you need to read this!

Have a fantastic Friday!
xox Sammi


  1. That fur coat is really the queen of all coats. Oh my goodness, it's beautiful! Haha, it still hasn't gotten quite cold here--60 something degrees today!--and I'm very okay with that. ;)

  2. wow!, beautiful clothes! favourites in pink <3

  3. Omg Sammi you post the best items!! I literally clicked to see the price and size for everything on this list. xoxo


  4. I need all of those coats! They are all so pretty:) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Your blog is looking so good!! I enjoy seeing all your dresses on Instagram, :) Keep it up.

  6. Need!! I love the nude bow coat and unicorn slippers!!

  7. So obsessed with these black bow flats!

    Xo, Hannah


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