Saturday, August 3, 2013

Garden of simple

Outfit Details:
Put Things Bright Dress: eBay (originally from ModCloth)
Flats: yeswalker

I saw this dress on eBay months ago, and lost a bidding war (at the last second!) on it.  I tried to forget about it, even though I couldn't get over the beautiful off-the-shoulder sleeves and unique floral print.  Recently, I saw another one pop up on eBay to be purchased without an auction, in a size I could definitely fit into... so how could I resist?  I didn't even realize that there's a layer of tulle netting sewn right into the skirt, which makes it even prettier!  I was afraid it wasn't going to zip up, but I can juuuuust squeeze into it, and the silhouette is so lovely, so I can't complain!  I have a great dress from Urban Outfitters that's now too big on me (I should either sell it or see if I can get it altered, since it's such a beautiful piece and deserves to be enjoyed) that has this same kind of off-the-shoulder detailing with a fit & flare silhouette, and I think it's such a gorgeous combination.

The next two photos are the result of me playing around with settings on my camera.  Almost all of my photos are at least a little bit blurry, and because I've been learning things by trial and error, I really don't know the solution to a lot of my photography issues.  So I just started trying things, and though they aren't at all the result I would want for my regular photos, I still thought they were worth posting. 

Seriously though, if anyone has photography suggestions, I'm all ears.

This would be my go-to "petticoat alert" face.

And what I meant to say is xxoo, which means I'm thinking of ya
Which means I've been thinking of you
All along

Hope you have a beautiful Saturday!
xox xxoo Sammi

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  1. OH LAWD THOSE SHOES. And you have a petticoat. Oh gosh. Basically this whole outfit is cute in a caboodle. I love it! And the location is very beautiful as well -- love the trees and nature and all that jazz. It compliments your whole look perfectly. <3


  2. Ooh this dress is sooooo pretty! I'm a crazy eBay bidder. I have been slowly buying everything I didn't buy in stores over the years on eBay and I get so excited when something pops up!

    I don't really know much about cameras at all, but I wish I did!!! Good luck with that :)

    Life of Mabel

  3. Those are really fun sleeves!

  4. Gorgeous pattern! And I love the sleeves on that dress!!! I would have been disappointed if I lost that in a bidding war too :( Good thing you finally got it :) And I love the petticoat alert face!

  5. Officially obsessed with this dress on you-- PERFECTION!

  6. very nice dress and perfect pattern. Have a great weekend.

  7. you are too lovely, seriously <3 that dress, those shoes <3 yay

  8. This dress is amazing on you! I love the beautiful bright colors, perfect for summer!

    Xo, Hannah

  9. "I tried to forget about it"--hahaha, that is like the most relatable feeling in the world! But sometimes it's just impossible. Sometimes you'll go in and out of a store and keep seeing the same item and it just calls for you... but I'm glad that you ended up getting this dress, even after losing the first bidding war. Seriously, the print on this is so bright and tropical-y and the underskirt is so cute, too! I love that you always stay with classic cuts that cinch in at the waist... I am so the same way with dresses.

    ALSO your boobs look really great here like what I never noticed them before.

    Have you ever checked out Of Corgis and Cocktails (that's her blog name, Katherine runs it)? She has a bunch of tutorials for people learning to use photography. If you want a blurrier background, you're probably gonna need a new lens that is at a distance, like 50mm or 100m, or set the aperture something below f/5.6. Idk, I'm bad at explaining things so I'd say just look stuff up online if you want to start using manual settings. For me it was a lot of trial and error (and still is!).

    1. Bahahaha at the boobs comment!

      And yes, I follow Katherine at Of Corgis and Cocktails, and I think I probably did read her photography tips series before, but I need to read them again. I've discovered that my camera is ACTUALLY a point-and-shoot with some DSLR qualities, which makes things more complicated!! Bahh.

  10. this dress was totally meant to be! it suits you p=e=r=f=e=c=t=l=y! and those shoulder straps are so so pretty.
    Great boob shot!! I know what you mean about camera settings. It's all practise! but setting the aperture is the trick i've discovered and reading lots of book! as my pics were always blurry and I figure out why!! xxx

  11. the dress pattern and shape is adorable and you have the most perfect figure for it! great shots and blog and I love your shorter length fringe, im thinking of cutting mine up a bit as I miss my eyebrows! xox

  12. what an adorable dress! it's so sweet and bright for summer, and lucky you finding it again on ebay in your size, that's definitely an excuse for buying it as soon as you saw it. i love the off the shoulder detailing, i don't have very many dresses like that but they just feel elegant and i think they make me sit up straighter too somehow, just because they look so much better that way.

    little henry lee

  13. This dress is amazing! I really love it. It's a great shape on you. The shoes are adorable, also. That's awesome that you were able to snap up the dress on Ebay, once you found it again on there. And that layer of tulle netting is really cute.


  14. That dress on you looks amazing! I'm so jealous of how you pulled it off, I wouldn't be able to wear a dress like that!

  15. Love the dress and look all together.


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