Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Favorites #19: I'm a little bit kitschy

I hope everyone had a nice holiday!  Mine was pretty uneventful.  Steven and I drove up to a local winery to watch fireworks.  The winery is on top of a big hill, and you can see fireworks from different towns in all directions.  The winery was closed for the holiday (which I think was kind of a missed opportunity on their part, since they have a huge patio that overlooks the vineyard), and we were far away from any of the fireworks displays, but the weather was nice.  We're really having our July 4th celebration tomorrow, when a bunch of my extended family is coming over to our house for a party.  

I'm posting this week's Friday Favorites later in the day than normal.  I recently read an article about the most effective time of day to schedule posts... and there isn't really a definitive answer, haha.  Except earlier in the day is assumed to be better.  But this week was kind of wacky, and at least I'm posting and not skipping out on my weekly picks. 

So most of these picks verge on being really kitschy, gimmicky, loud, etc.  There are a couple of delicate selections in here, but mostly, they're statement pieces.  Duh.  For example, I'm ALL about these amazing statement bags!  The Betsey Johnson boxing glove one and the apple one might be my favorites, but I love the little fox, too!
a | b | c | d | e

Speaking of statement bags... I want all of this ridiculously-expensive Lisa Frank merch.
I'm pretty sure I had this back in the day.  WHY DIDN'T I SAVE IT?!

You know what I just realized?  Betsey Johnson is like Lisa Frank for adults.  Why this didn't dawn on me before, I have no idea.  But I'm digging these two adorable sea-themed necklaces of hers:
1 | 2

To continue with the cute kitschiness... a Hello Kitty Polaroid camera?  Yes please.

I'm loving this kawaii gingerbread man ring!  Too bad it's so pricy.  I refuse to pay more than $10 for rings, no matter how cute they are!

The same goes for this beautiful sailboat ring, sadly.  I'm content to simply look at this price!
I just love this Spanish ruffled pear print dress from Retrolicious!

These prints are making me hungry, but I desperately wish these vegetable print rain boots were available in my size!

And speaking of shoes I desperately want... these two pairs from Yeswalker are topping my list.  Seriously in love.  Yeswalker has an amazing BOGO deal that applies to pretty much any shoe on their site.  My budget allows for zero shopping right now (cue sobbing), but I'm keeping my eye on these!

I'm a sucker for any shoe with a t-strap!  It makes shoes look instantly vintage!  See these here.

WANT WANT WANT.  I'm very tempted.  See these beauties here.

Wouldn't either of those pairs look fantastic with this dress from ModCloth?!
The buttons are adorable!  And the name of this dress (the Ready, Set, Showtime! Dress) is FAR too appealing for an actress like myself. 

Either of those shoes would be great with this lovely ModCloth dress, as well.  I love the portrait print!

And here come the rest of the dresses...

Aren't these pinafores from Dahlia adorable?  The one on the left is actually lilac with light blue stripes, and the rose one is just so sweet.  I just wish Dahlia's return policy was more forgiving. 

f | g

How darling is this little yellow floral number from OASAP?  I love the styling, too.

This pink striped dress from Topshop reminds me of ribbon candy!
Oh Orla Kiely... why must your dresses be so beautiful and so astronomically expensive?  The airplane print is so adorable, and the back of this dress is stunning!

via ASOS

While we're on the subject of beautiful prints... these two new printed dresses from Bonne Chance Collections are absolutely fantastic!  The one on the left has a Russian nesting doll print(!!!), and the one on the right has an adorable zoo animal print (not to mention an adorable collar)! 

The ladies over at Bonne Chance Collections are the absolute sweetest, and are always so accommodating!  Check out their full selection of beautiful dresses here, and be sure to use the code BCC10 at check-out for 10% off and free shipping!

Loving this beautiful plaid printed dress in the Luck Be a Lady style (from British brand Closet) at ModCloth.  What a wonderful fall dress!  I'm not quite ready for autumn yet, though.  But it could definitely work for summer, too!  I have two of the Luck Be a Lady dresses, and the fit is so flattering!

Also, I saw that Kate of Scathingly Brilliant pinned this beautiful lavender dress from Ruche, and I had to share it.  The color is so stunning, and the silhouette is so girly and pretty.  

Omg, this professional mermaid (why didn't I know there was such a thing?!) found love with a fellow mermaid performer.  How mythically-amazing.

Lastly, I loved this Buzzfeed article with amazing fashion photos from 1969!  Shows just how cyclical fashion really is.  These are my two favorite looks:

via Buzzfeed
That's all for now!  Have a wonderful Friday!
xox Sammi


  1. Oh man, that last one--I seriously loved going through those old photos. Man, that purple puffy-sleeved blouse and THE STYLISH TEACHER! How cute were all those clothes, though?! I love that first one you picked out, too. The floppy hat is adorable. I want all those clothes, for real.

    And an airplane print dress... yeah, you would find something seriously cute like that, Sammi!!

  2. Seriously lady you always have the most wonderful Friday collections. You know I love my Peter Pan Collars!!

  3. So many pretty things <3

    Kiss, Nati

  4. So much fabulous inspiration! I have a few statement bags myself and love them! I have a bag just like that apple! I too love Lisa Frank! I used to have everything Lisa Frank when I was a kid! The winery sounds like such a beautiful place, too bad it was closed!


  5. Love the selection of very ladylike pics you did here! <3
    Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know :)
    Kisses from Argentina!


  6. Love those 60s fashion looks! And Lisa Frank? Gosh, that brings back memories :p

  7. I have that apple bag and i love it :-D the vegetable dress is my favourite from this items. It's making me hungry too ;-) xxx

  8. everything you have found is so adorable ^_^ love the fox bag and all those dresses are lovely! x

  9. Mermaid love <3 This makes my heart sing

    xo Ashley


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