Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Favorites #12: A hint of humor

Like most people, I like to think of myself as someone who possesses a good sense of humor.  This always makes me think of the line from When Harry Met Sally, where Carrie Fisher says, "Everybody thinks they have good taste and a sense of humor, but they couldn't possibly all have good taste."  This is certainly true, though of course I'd like to believe I have both of those things.  One thing I know, however, is that a lot of my fashion sense involves humor, because I think it's incredibly important to have fun with your clothes, and to wear things that make you smile (or even laugh).  I love quirky things, novelty prints, and pieces that verge on kitschy or even costume-y.  I know my taste is often not in line with that of everyone else, but I'd like to think that I have a point of view, and that if nothing else, what I wear makes me happy, and that's really all that matters.

For this week's Friday Favorites, I ended up focusing on a lot of clothes and pop culture items that focus on humor (at least a little bit).  I think items that harken back to another era are a little humorous, because they're often done in a tongue-in-cheek way, or with a giggle or a nod to another time or place.

For example, I'm loving these outer space-inspired pieces from Nasty Gal:

Mission Control Jumpsuit (in Ziggy)

Atomic Smasher Jumper
(I'm obsessed with these buckles!)

Close Encounters Dress
Intergalactic Skirt (in Static)
Outer Limits Bomber Jacket
Cybernaut Leggings
Hologram Wristlet
And this skirt from Ark looks like it could be part of the same collection:

As much as I like these futuristic pieces, my heart will always belong to retro and vintage-inspired items!  If you've watched Project Runway before, you may remember Kenley Collins from a couple of seasons.  As annoying (and bonkers) as Kenley could be, I've always really loved her aesthetic.  Apparently she's also a singer(??), but two of her most recent clothing collections were based around Clueless and the Pink Ladies of Grease, soooo I'm automatically a fan.

Cher Dress
Dionne Dress

Amber Dress

Pink Lady Saddle Shoes
Rizzo Gingham Dress
Plaid Cigarette Pants
Frenchy Two-Piece Dress
Party Queen Skirt
Sandra D Pink Dress
Frenchy Cat Suit

In fact, these heels also remind me of Grease (the scene where they have to race, obviously):

Going back a little further in time... I adore these vintage-inspired shoes from American Apparel:

1 | 2 & 3 | 4

I love these sunny skimmers from Urban Outfitters, too (and what a perfect 90s match they'd make with Kenley's Dionne dress!):

This little painted ring (also from Urban) is just so pretty:

Aren't these popsicle collar clips from Cookie Button the cutest?  Owner Sammy has a blog as well, and I believe she is still offering free shipping on orders at her Etsy shop (use COOKIE6 at check-out)!

Speaking of sweet-inspired Etsy finds, one of my favorite vintage shops, Crush Vintage Candy, has some new arrivals I'm drooling over...

The Cookie Dough Dress
The Pastry Dress
Crush Vintage Candy is still offering a 10% discount code on all orders!  Use STOCKUPFORSPRING at check-out!

And aren't these sweet little pins from Lucie Ellen just plain adorable?

Kite Brooches
Balloon Brooches
Mini Book Pins
I'm also really obsessed with all things tea-related lately -- like these cute collar clips!

via Alison Michel
Yes... I immediately had to get this teacup print dress from ModCloth:

Since tea and Downton Abbey are the perfect pairing, I think this cookbook needs to be added to my collection (the next step would be actually learning how to cook, but I digress):

Speaking of Downton... did you see this video with Sean Combs with Funny or Die?  It's actually pretty hysterical (especially if you know Downton well), and very well done:

If anyone at Downton had an iPhone (which would be silly), they might have to get this handset:

This amazing pinwheel necklace from Hello Holiday reminds me of a fair that the servants of Downton would surely attend:
Shifting gears a little bit... here are some pieces that just make me smile:

via Dahlia
via Kirsten Stride
via SheInside
(annoying sizing strikes again... if they made this in my size, I'd have snatched it up!)
via SheInside
via ASOS
(I don't quite get the onesie trend... but I love this unicorn one)
These may be the coolest jeans in all of creation:

via Nasty Gal
I love this little Marie (from The Aristocats) laptop liner bag:

As well as this Disney nostalgia...

And even though I'm a Disney girl, I certainly appreciate and applaud this photographer mom for having a photo shoot centered around female historical figures (rather than Disney princesses) that her daughter can dress up as and look up to!

Finally, I leave you with these funny things...

If you get HBO and like Christopher Guest, you should watch Family Tree!  Chris O'Dowd plays the lead (you'll recognize him if you are a Girls fan or have seen This Is 40), Michael McKean plays his father, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that ventriloquist Nina Conti (who I featured in a previous Friday Favorites) plays Chris's sister on the show (with Monkey)!

Meanwhile, this sketch is only a slight (and hilarious) exaggeration: 

This has clearly been photoshopped, but it still made me laugh:

And finally, the full episode of the season finale of Kitchen Nightmares (a show I've loved for quite a long time) is online and the media frenzy over these absolutely insane owners has been non-stop.  Read  all about the crazy train here, and enjoy the stress-inducing (but totally amazing) episode:

Have a funny Friday!
xox Sammi


  1. Oh gosh, oh gosh, I totally watched that whole episode of Kitchen Nightmares (and am also following them on Facebook now for kicks). It's pretty insane and wild to follow along. That episode definitely induced some stress--and some "what the heck?!" faces from me.

    That furniture dress is way cute. I just love the collar and the pretty yellow color!

    And those space age items from Nasty Gal are so fun, but yeah, unfortunately I can't really see them anywhere but in fahsion shoots. They totally remind me of Zenon and the 80s, hahah! Maybe that odd semisheer goo-green skirt could work... maybe... :D

  2. Love your style. The buckles on those jumpsuits are so fun reminds me of old school backpacks! <3

  3. I know what you mean 'cause my clothing taste is definitely out there sometimes. I just make sure to wear what I love! These lists are so awesome though because I can never pick a favorite item! I seriously love all the shoes though.

  4. That tea dress so CUTE, you always pick out the cutest stuff! I am wishing I'd seen this dress before I put in my Modcloth order! Ahh well, next time :D


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