Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Favorites #10: Scrumptious decadence

This week has been a lovely one!  I've had three days off this week (including today), and the weather has been gorgeous.  In addition, the new Spider-Man movie has been filming a big chase scene in Rochester this week, so that has been pretty eventful.  Of course, they filmed RIGHT in front of my work on one of the days I wasn't scheduled!  Here's some footage from the chase scenes:

While on the subject of movies, I watched a fascinating documentary (which I think was shown on Bravo recently, but it's also streaming instantly on Netflix) called The Queen of Versailles.  It's basically a fall from grace story -- a riches to rags kind of thing.  It spans two years and follows über-rich couple David and Jackie Siegel in their quest to build what is to be the largest home in the United States (nicknamed "Versailles" for rather obvious reasons).  When the stock market crashes in 2008, the Siegels are in "dire" financial straits (which does not mean the same thing to them as it would to a normal person) and are in danger of losing everything.  It's simultaneously captivating and repulsive to see how much wealth they have.  It's certainly worth watching, though. 

I'm pretty sure that Jackie Siegel is the kind of person who would buy these over-the-top playhouses for her (seven!!) kids.  They truly are amazing, though.  I just can't believe how pricy they are!  (See more at the aptly-named Posh Tots website)

I mean... I totally want this as an ADULT.

Okay, yes, I really want this too.

Oh, to be a little princess...
I think every poor little rich girl (or any girl with a flare for the dramatic, really) needs a parasol, especially now that it's getting to be sunny consistently.  These gorgeous paper parasols just arrived at Pinup Girl Clothing, and I can't help but lust over them!

A white parasol would pair perfectly with this beautiful, springy dress from Emily & Fin, now available at Hello Holiday:

My lovely blogger friend, Rebecca (of The Cinnamon Slipper) posted an entry yesterday in which she was wearing a gorrrrgeous dress by Cath Kidston.  I'd seen Cath Kidston's designs around (mostly at ASOS), but I decided to check out the website, and oooh, I am so glad I did!

Train print dress (sold out on US site, but some in stock on UK site) and skirt
Wild strawberry dress
Strawberry brooch
Strawberry cardigan
London backpack
Cottage print skirt
(sister piece to Rebecca's dress!)
Check out more Cath Kidston (accessories, bags, decorative pieces, toiletries, etc.) here!

Sugarhill Boutique (one of my favorite UK designers) is offering a 20% discount code this weekend on all orders!  Just enter BH20 at checkout!  They have some great new arrivals:

Dream catcher dress

Fruit cocktail wrap dress

Roller girl dress
And a new dress from my favorite brand, Nishe, just arrived at ASOS:

The handbag and shoe embroidery!!  And that collar!!  Gorgeous.
I also found some incredible and unique dresses this week on SheInside.  SheInside is a clothing company based in China that offers free shipping (worldwide), low prices and many items that you'd be hard pressed to find in the United States.  I've ordered items from them and have been very pleased with the quality, as well as the timely shipping.  They are currently offering a Mother's Day promotion ($20 off orders of $100, $45 off orders of $180, $65 off orders of $280), but they also offer a 15% off coupon for new customers!

Embellished Skater Dress
Striped Dress
(Don't you love the bottom??)
Solider Theater Print Dress
Pink Neck Bow Dress (sold out)
Fruit Dress
Blue Printed Dress
(isn't the print amazing?)
Pink Applique Dress
Girl Print Dress
Pink High-Low Print Dress
I desperately want this dress, but unfortunately, it comes in one size, and it's tiny!
One word of caution if you decide to place an order: pay careful attention to the measurements of each garment!  Some dresses only come in one size (and the bust measurements for a lot of their clothes run quite small), which is why I have to be content with simply looking at some of their items, and make sure to know your own measurements (and convert cm. to in. if you're in the US) before you order!  

Chicwish is a company based in Hong Kong that also has a lot of awesome, unique items.  I'm currently loving this dress on their website:

I also adore this delicate, detachable collar:

Why couldn't I have found this adorable cardigan when it was still in stock??
via Asian iCandy
Look at the two little sheep!!
And this little shoulder bag with the little car on it?  It's too cute!
And speaking of too cute... I saw this video at the end of last week.  It features my absolute favorite animal in the world (otters!!!!) and it just makes me want an otter to jump into the car with me.  How these people are not overcome with the cuteness, I have no idea:

Also, I want this amazing hat:

And I know I'm sorta late to the party on this one, but I lovelovelove this biscuit dress by Caitlin Shearer.  It makes me want to go have tea and scones immediately!

Speaking of tea and scones, this meyer lemon curd recipe from The Plaid and Paisley Kitchen sounds amazing.  We usually get lemon curd from the International aisle in Wegmans (they really do have everything), but it'd be fun to make it yourself!  I know jam and devonshire cream are more traditional...  but I would literally cover cardboard in lemon curd and eat it.

I found a couple of other recipes this week that sound heavenly.  One for breakfast, and one for dinner!

The breakfast one sounds incredibly decadent, but it's probably absolutely delicious.  It's for carrot cake pancakes with maple cream drizzle.  Ohmygoodness.  I've had carrot cake french toast before (which was scrumptious, and I don't like french toast), but this sounds even better.  Check out the recipe here!

via White Lights on Wednesday
The last one is for slow cooker pork tacos with cilantro lime salsa.  Mmmmm.  All things I love!  I need to learn how to use a crock pot, since it seems like it makes things so much easier.  Here's the recipe!

via Kitchen Meets Girl
Finally, I love this interview with Gemma Shiel, founder of UK brand Lazy Oaf (which I blogged about in last week's Friday Favorites).  I love what she says about her label needing to retain its tongue-in-cheek quality, because fashion should be fun (of course!).  I love Gemma's tumblr, too!

I hope you have a fun-filled Friday!  :)

xox Sammi


  1. That otter video is TOO CUTE.
    And thankyouthankyouthankyou for posting that Soldier Theatre midi dress: I ORDERED IT. I've been coveting its Dolce and Gabbana sister for soooooo long...


  2. sosososos many things to love here. I loveeeee Sugarhill Boutique, I might need that fruit print dress!

  3. AH! you complete sweetheart mentioning me!! Thank you!

    Your friday favourites today might actually be my favourite one ever!! Those kids play houses!!! Which I would actually live in, quite happily!! Which one to chose though....hmmm.....

    Love the cottage cardigan, Was eyeing the new nishe stuff and the prom dresses are simply gorgeous!!!

    Fabulous choice...yes to all of the above!

    x Rebecca


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