Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Favorites #8: All in a jumble

I don't think this week's Friday Favorites necessarily has a "theme," per se.  This week, it's just a jumble of eye-catching things that I've found. 

One of the things I've been looking around for is a new purse.  Mine have a habit of falling apart (which makes sense, since I carry around my entire life in my purse), and my current bag is quite literally hanging on by a thread.  Having not found much in the stores around here, I continued my search online, where I found the cutest (and most impractical) purses:
Love Diary Purse via Black Market Rabbit

Cookie Bag via lulus
Sweet Love Kitty Handbag via bloomiful
Lux De Ville bag via Miskonduct Klothing
Golden Delicious Clutch via BHLDN
Bookshelf Bandit Tote in Caterpillar via ModCloth
(I've always loved this book, and the back of the tote is my favorite part!)
Speaking of ModCloth, did you know they just launched their app for the iPhone and the iPad yesterday??  They've done a really awesome job.  You can download it in the app store (or if you're looking at this on your phone, go here).  If you download the app before 3 PM PT (6 PM EST), you'll get a coupon code for $10 off $50+ at ModCloth!  Make sure to allow push notifications to ensure coupon delivery!

And I can't move on from purses without mentioning the amazing ones from Kate Spade.  They are far too pricy for me, so I will have to be content to simply pin and admire them.
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

I'm also getting into necklaces lately.  I normally don't wear a whole lot of jewelry, but I've started to embrace more of it these days.  Here are a few of my recently-found favorites:

Picnic Basket Locket via Kate Spade
Dream Phone Telephone Necklace via Me & Zina
Airmail Letter Necklace via Ji Ji Kiki
Jammy Dodger Biscuit Necklace via Ji Ji Kiki
Tatty Devine Lollipop Necklace via ASOS
Alarm Clock Necklace via Forever 21
Glam of La Mancha Necklace via ModCloth
These aren't jewelry, but I just enjoy these Sweet Treat Bobby Pins from Urban Outfitters:

While on the subject of Urban Outfitters, I have to express my adoration for their recent influx of graphic print tops, including some amazing Lisa Frank (!!!!) tanks:

a | b | c

Out Of Print Nancy Drew Boyfriend Tee
Junk Food Molly Breakfast Club Tee
A lot of designers and online stores are receiving their new spring/summer lines around this time, and one of my favorite retro-inspired brands, Trollied Dolly, just released their new collection for spring!

Tulip Stripe Dress

Yellow Strawberry Dress
Green Daisy Bunch Dress

Bright Blue Seagull Dress

Push the Boat Out Dress

Get Knotted Purple Honeybee Dress
Trollied Dolly also just launched a line of tops this season to complement their lovely dresses:

Daisy Duke Green Butterfly Top
Hello Boys Navy Yacht Peplum
Dolly Gets Collared Honeybee Peach Top
Now that the weather here is finally warming up, I feel the need to wear dresses whenever I can (not that this is anything new, but I do want to take advantage of the sunshine -- and the fact that I don't have to wear tights underneath!).  I love these recent dress finds from Hell Bunny:

Polka Dot Oktober Dress
Gingham Tuesday Dress
'50s Sunflower Dress
This week has been a very strange one.  I feel like this post is incredibly shallow, in light of everything that has occurred in Boston -- especially overnight last night.  I do have to distract myself a little bit from worrying about my friends in the Boston area, but I also feel guilty about not posting something more... meaningful, I guess.  But this ad (which I think went viral) from Dove falls under that category, and I think it raises some really good points -- mostly about how women in our society focus on our "faults" more than on our positive traits:

The ad does make me realize that I am more beautiful than I give myself credit for... but I also think this critique of the ad makes some incredibly valid points, as well; namely, it questions whether Dove is actually perpetuating a narrow standard of what is considered "beautiful" by promoting thin, white and young women as being the most attractive.  Just something to ponder.

I hope you have a fantastic (and safe) Friday.
xox Sammi


  1. I have never heard of the Trollied Dolly. They have gorgeous dresses. I am so happy to have found your blog. It is AWESOME!!

  2. Bags are my favorite. And I love those dresses!

  3. All the dresses you've picked out are just absolutely gorgeous!

    Sita xx

  4. The Love Diary purse is really precious.

  5. i tend to trash my purses, too...but you're right, we use them every day and carry everything in them! i love that apple clutch, too cute!

  6. Such lovely picks,
    I seriously want that hungry caterpilla bag, so adorable!

  7. Ahh! That biscuit bag, THAT BISCUIT BAG! Adorable.

    Jillian -

  8. what an amazing BAGS AT FIRTS, SO FUNNYYYYYY
    simply stunning, hope you follow back
    Sergio, xx

  9. Omg, there are so many cute items you picked as favorites! That apple purse is super cute and I love the Molly Ringwald tee. Love all of these! Hope you have a great weekend! <3


  10. Love everything! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  11. love everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have a great blog..:)
    I am following you..

    follow me)

  12. Gosh, too many cute, tempting things!

    I love that ad too, so sweet and so true x

  13. You always show the most fantastic unique pieces! I love the fabulous bags and I think I need that cookie bag!


  14. My goodness, I love just about everything on this post. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. :)


  15. SO MANY CUTE DRESSES!!!! I am in love with that Trollied Dolly strawberry print dress so cute! And all of the Hell Bunny dresses :D I want EVERYTHING in this post :P

  16. wow...I love absolutely everything you posted here!! But i am especially a fan of the biscuit purse :)

    -Emma from

  17. i was just eyeing trollied-dolly's new line yesterday! there's so many adorable pieces! if you don't own any trollied dolly, you should, they fit like a glove and are SO flattering on :)

    1. I am the happy owner of 2 of their dresses, and I totally agree - they are extremely well-made and super flattering! I want the strawberry one!

  18. were did you get that cute lollipop necklace from i in love!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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